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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is sky/star map?

    Do you remember a favorite moment? See how the stars aligned in the sky above you at that exact place, date, and time. Our star maps are a perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Travel back to your most favorite moment and see how the stars aligned on that moment that meant the world to you.

    Input the details of your moment (place, date, and time), select the design, color, and size of your star map, and create a heartfelt title and dedication for you and your loved one. The sky is the limit to how you can customize our star maps! Make sure to personalize it down to the finest detail. We’re sure the one you’ll give it to will love it.

    Are your Star Maps framed?

    The frame is optional. You can choose to add a frame while you’re designing your Star Map. We have white and black frames.

    Are our Star Maps accurate?

    We have developed a software that enables us to accurately calculate your starry sky for any place, date and time. We use German & European star catalogs (e.g. Hipparcos Catalog from the European Space Agency) to precisely locate and map the night sky to your magical moment.

    The simplest way to check the accuracy is designing a map using your current location and time, then compare the real-time preview on our website with the sky above you.

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